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Exclusive Services

Apex Claims Management maintains a network of nationwide experienced, independent multi-line adjusters servicing the property and casualty insurance industry. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate adjustment possible in a timely manner. 


Apex Claims Management has experienced trained  Appraisal Adjusters with demonstrable knowledge of property claims and the appraisal process. Our team understands the inner more detailed workings of a loss and can identify and address any dispute between our client and a policyholder regarding the financial value of a loss. Our Appraisal Adjuster will  mitigate, negotiate and resolve these discrepancies with a mutually agreed cost of repairs so the loss can be properly and fairly settled.


Apex Claims Management has assembled a workforce comprising the most qualified adjusters in the nation.

We are able to activate adjusters and on-site field managers for catastrophe work in a matter of hours. Within 24-48 hours adjusters can be on-site and working.


Our content adjusting team is ready to assist with your contents claim handling. In addition to onsite inventory, we offer inside content research and pricing. Our inside team is available to work remotely or from your offices. 

Daily Claims

Our Daily Claims division provides full-service adjusting for property, casualty, liability, litigation, large loss and auto claims. With our diverse network of committed, highly-trained claims adjusters, we can quickly meet our clients' adjusting needs for claims of all types and severity.

TPA Services

Our TPA (Third-Party Administration) services specialize in property insurance claims management, offering comprehensive support to insurance companies and property owners alike. From initial claim filing to settlement, we handle the entire claims process efficiently and effectively. Our services include property damage assessment, loss documentation, coordination with adjusters and contractors, and timely claims resolution. With a focus on accuracy, transparency, and client satisfaction, we ensure smooth and hassle-free property insurance claims management, providing peace of mind to all parties involved. Our team is equipped with expertise in property damage assessment, claim documentation, and negotiation, ensuring that your claims are handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Desk Adjusters

Apex adjusters are available for both  on-site and remote claims handling services. Our Desk Adjusters closely monitor content, accuracy, and quality of closed claims submitted for payment without creating any delay in the claims handling process. We aim to work seamlessly with our clients, carefully following all specified guidelines and requirements, providing report formats customized to clients specifications. Our file examiners provide the highest level of professionalism and customer care to your insureds.

Heavy Equipment

Our heavy equipment division is perfect for all of your equipment, machinery and farm implement adjusting needs. Our equipment teams are skilled in loss investigation and evaluation. We use custom databases and adjustment tools to report the damage estimate and equipment valuation. Apex Claims Management teams are also able to assist with the salvage value and disposal, saving your company time and money.

Liability Investigation

Apex Claims Management has seasoned adjusters who are able to conduct on site investigations of liability claims. Investigations services can include scene inspections and diagrams, police reports, witness statements and claimant interviews. We are also able to assist in locating, securing and tagging evidence in accordance with customary chain of custody regulations.

Litigation Adjuster

Our Litigation Adjusters specialize in the handling of litigated files in a multi-state and multi-line environment. This includes the evaluation, settlement and handling of 1st and 3rd party Property claims of all severity and complexity.

Witness Statement

We offer services of adjusters who are well trained in the art of locating witnesses and securing recorded or written statements. These services are available for all claim types, including worker’s compensation. All statements follow state regulations.

Let's Work Together

Our Vision Statement

Organically grow our relationships with our clients in efforts to become the go to adjusting firm in their time of need. Becoming a nationally, respected independent adjusting firm that is known as a leader throughout the insurance industry.

Providing service to our clients and their Insureds during their time of need. Working Together in Harmony Through Discourse operating in patience and understanding, while providing a knowledgeable and skilled approach with customer service at the forefront.

Our Mission Statement

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