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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

As a Woman minority owned and operated independent adjusting firm, we afford our clients the ability to diversify their portfolio mirroring their policyholders. Apex Claims Management provides our clients with exceptional talent to expand and strengthen the territories which they service.

it is our job to deliver a quality product. Recognizing the universal constants that exist in the industry we service, the question becomes how do we

Rise Above and set our self apart?  

Apex Claims Management believes the answer is simple.

We add value by delivering 

The Best Claims Experience.

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Our Story

Apex Claims Management has been successfully meeting the needs of our customers since 2011. We’ve grown our successful Adjusting Firm from the ground up, and accumulated years of experience to bring our clients complete peace of mind. As a full-service Adjusting Firm built on the foundation of customer loyalty and trust, our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with the support they need, no matter what life throws at them.

At Apex Claims Management, each of our clients is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to offering claims handling needs. We provide individual solutions for each of our carrier partners with emphasis on customer service and quality claims handling.

Contact us to find out more about the high quality services  we offer and find out why so many clients have turned to us for their claims handling needs.

Meet The Team


Yvette Long

 President / CEO

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Yvette launched her career in the insurance claims industry in 2012, developing business relationships with Fortune 500 insurance companies. With that experience Yvette transitioned to pioneering one of the nation’s first woman, minority owned and operated Independent Adjusting Firms. Yvette uses her collective experience in sales, business management, project management, and business development to deliver superior service and solutions for her company and clients. Prior to transitioning into the insurance industry, Yvette served 13 years as a law enforcement officer for the City of Chicago. Her keen sense for business has served her well in her hobby as an avid DYI’er, who utilizes her handy(wo)man skills to purchase and renovate dilapidated properties. Yvette is also a loving mother of two boys and enjoys taking long walks with their dog. In addition, Yvette cares for her community and has a passion for helping the homeless and those affected by domestic violence. She lends her support to the South Suburban Family Shelter and National Alliance to End Homelessness.

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Aaron Long

Vice President

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Aaron has been in the insurance claims industry since 2007 and has wide ranging claims experience. He has worked as an independent adjuster, working claims from coast to coast and on the carrier side building and managing large teams of adjusters for both daily and catastrophe claims. Aaron prides himself on supporting clients and insureds and guiding our adjusters through difficult situations of a loss from start to finish. He works tirelessly to ensure the claims process is seamless and ends with the proper outcome. Prior to Aaron’s career in the insurance industry he was a 12-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. Aaron enjoys traveling, American History and coaching his two sons in basketball, baseball, and football. His charitable interests include St. Jude’s, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and the Boy’s and Girls Club of America.


Michaele Clark

Assistant Vice President

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Michaele brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the insurance industry, boasting a rich career spanning over two decades. Her journey began in 1998, and she has held key roles in multi-line property and casualty claims, contributing her expertise to TPAs, carriers, and independent adjusting firms. Throughout her career, Michaele has achieved significant milestones, including strategic claims leadership, organizational and team management, business development, claim management, and catastrophe response. Her dedication to her profession is unwavering, driven by a genuine passion for both her work and her commitment to leadership. She places a strong emphasis on putting people first and delivering exceptional service, making her an invaluable asset to Apex Claims Management. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Michaele pursued education in Organizational Leadership and Marketing at Colorado State University - Global, which has further enhanced her skills. Outside of her professional pursuits, she is deeply rooted in her community in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Michaele is an active volunteer and an advocate for Hub of Hope of NWA, an organization dedicated to improving the response to human trafficking. Additionally, she serves as an auxiliary board member for her local fire department. When not working or volunteering, Michaele is often out seeking the next great hike, adventure or cultural destination as an avid outdoor enthusiast. Michaele's remarkable career achievements, commitment to community engagement, and passion for her work, people, culture and nature make her a distinguished Assistant Vice President. She is an exemplar of a well-rounded professional and community leader, embodying the values and dedication of our organization.


David Steen

Claims Director

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David is a seasoned professional with an unwavering passion for the property insurance industry. With over 18 years of dedicated service, he embodies a commitment to excellence and a deep appreciation for the nuances of this dynamic field. David’s journey began over 18 years ago in 2005 when he took his first steps as a property field adjuster, acquiring knowledge and expertise from some of the industry's most respected adjusters and executives. Today, David serves as a leader at Apex Claims Management, where he focuses on optimizing processes, conducting comprehensive claims training, and meticulously managing performance. His role extends to the development and management of adjuster resources, ensuring that the team is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to excel in their roles. What truly sets David apart is his dedication and professionalism. David's wealth of experience and knowledge allows him to craft effective strategies for resolving disputes, complex files, and issues, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all parties involved. “In the heart of my profession lies a belief in the power of collaboration and the strength of a supportive community. I am fortunate to work alongside like-minded colleagues at Apex Claims Management, where our shared values of kindness, compassion, family, trust, and modest leadership form the foundation of our work culture. Together, we strive to create the ultimate claims experience for everyone involved. I am not just an insurance professional; I am a staunch advocate for the clients I serve and the integrity of our profession. With each day at Apex Claims Management, I am driven by the belief that through collaboration, expertise, and unwavering commitment, we can transform challenges into opportunities and provide unparalleled solutions to our clients. Join me and the Apex Claims Management team as we redefine excellence in the insurance claims industry. Together, let's navigate the complexities of claims management, ensuring a seamless experience and optimal outcomes for all.”

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Monica Claypool

Adjuster Resource / Dispatch Manager

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Monica Claypool, a native of Oklahoma who found her home in Texas in 2010, embodies the spirit of "getting here as fast as she could." Rooted in the heartland, Monica carries the warmth of her upbringing into her professional life and beyond. As a dedicated wife, mother of five, and proud grandma to three adorable red-headed toddlers, Monica's life revolves around family, creating cherished moments, and building lasting connections. Her journey is driven by the profound love and support she offers her family, a trait that naturally extends to her work at Apex Claims Management. Monica is defined by her unwavering commitment to core values. Positivity, Respect, Relationship Building, Integrity, Compassion, and Dedication to her Clients form the bedrock of her character. In her role at Apex Claims Management, she seamlessly integrates these values, ensuring that each interaction is infused with professionalism, empathy, and a personal touch. Before joining Apex Claims Management, Monica's passion for helping people find their perfect job placements led her to a fulfilling career as a recruiter. Her heart of service, cultivated through years of assisting candidates, now guides her in providing unparalleled support to her clients and adjusters. Monica's promise echoes her track record - a commitment to delivering exceptional service, going above and beyond, and ensuring client satisfaction in every endeavor. In her free time, Monica indulges in her love for time travel, embraces the joys of entertaining, and prioritizes family moments. Whether it's through her roles as a family woman, a professional, or a community member, Monica Claypool's approach remains the same: genuine, dedicated, and always striving for excellence. Join Monica and experience the Apex Claims Management difference - where personalized service meets unwavering dedication, creating seamless solutions for all your claims management needs.


Alex Ramirez

Claims Compliance
Training Manager

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Alex Ramirez is a seasoned Claims Manager with a rich tapestry of over ten years of experience in the insurance industry. As a dynamic leader and innovator, Alex consistently demonstrates exceptional expertise in assessing causes of loss and damage through meticulous onsite inspections. His proficiency extends to calculating repair costs for a wide range of residential and commercial claims, including complex cases such as large losses and those related to cyber-attacks. Having played a pivotal role in Catastrophe (CAT) deployments, Alex has successfully managed a diverse spectrum of damages while maintaining commendable turnaround times. His ability to navigate and lead in high-pressure situations underscores his resilience and strategic approach to claims management. One of Alex's standout qualities is his negotiation prowess, coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer service excellence. He goes beyond the technical aspects of claims management, ensuring that clients receive not only efficient resolutions but also a personalized and supportive experience throughout the process. Alex's educational background, combined with hands-on experience and technical acumen, positions him as a well-rounded professional ready to tackle the intricacies and leadership demands of the insurance industry. His analytical abilities and leadership qualities contribute to driving efficient and effective claims resolution, consistently achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and team performance. Dedicated to excellence and organizational success, Alex Ramirez is a trusted leader who leverages his comprehensive skill set to navigate the complexities of the claims process, ultimately ensuring positive outcomes for both clients and the team.


Claims Rep

“Thank you so much for handling this claim so quickly. Apex did a fantastic job, and made my job so much easier. The insured said he trusted Max and wishes he could do all of his business through him."
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