Service Standards

Our field adjusters will adhere to the following service standards in addition to any additional standards set by your company. Our "typical" service standards are outlined below.

  • Claims assignments will be assigned to field adjuster and contact established within 24 hours of claim assignment to Apex Claims Management. All unsuccessful attempts documented and followed up with the mailing of a contact letter.

  • The adjuster will schedule time to adequately inspect risk, explain the claim process and answer any insured questions.

  • All roofs will be climbed when completing a roof inspection. Any roof that are unsafe to climb will be properly documented with sufficient photos.

  • A Pitch Gauge and Shingle Gauge will be used on all roof claims.

  • Diagrams will be completed on all roofing claims, fencing, flooring, and pool screen enclosures with the proper measurements required to calculate accurate amounts of material regardless of repair or replacement with damaged areas indicated.

  • Adequate photos will be provided on all claims. Overview photos of every roof slope, with additional close-up photos of damage or non-damage. Exterior elevation photos properly labeled with direction and damage or non-damage will be provided. For interior losses an overview photo of each affected room and a close-up of the actual damages will be provided. Continuous flow areas for flooring, painting, etc., will be provided as well as photos of large expensive content. 

  • When loss notice indicates prior loss; adjusters will properly investigate prior damages to ensure repairs have been completed. Files will be documented accordingly with cancelled checks, completed work orders, etc., as well as written claims to properly reflect for any deductions for prior losses that have not been addressed. 

  • All deployed adjusters will submit estimates utilizing the Xactimate estimating platform, (unless otherwise requested by carrier).

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